Friday, February 5, 2010

Today Show Kid Reporter - At It Again!

As most of my long standing customers know, my son, Brodie, was a final four contender for NBC's Today Show Kid Reporter in October and November. His dream is to become a sports announcer, more pointedly, the "Voice of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys" He does a weekly sports report for his school, which he calls "Westwood Sportscenter" and has done some special guest things with Oklahoma State University Athletics. He has introduced T. Boone Pickens at his Town Hall Meeting in front of 5000 people, but if you talk to him face to face, you would never think this booming voice would come out of him when he gets pumped up in front of a crowd! He got very pumped for this particular report because he has been off a few weeks and one of his mentors, Dave Huniker was in the crowd! Thought I would share with you and hopefully give you a laugh! (although he is quite serious about his sports reporting!) You can check him out here and also all his other Today Show stuff on YouTube under the user UrbanKowboy. Have a fun Superbowl Weekend!

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