Saturday, February 6, 2010

Royalty Is All the Rage!

I had a rare experience last night at a little girl's birthday party where I actually got to see lots of sweet babies using Z&V products! (I was too busy chatting with everybody to take any pictures and I'm so upset!) Regardless, it made me realize how awesome my customers are and how blessed I am that you all keep coming back for more products! I know there are HUNDREDS of designer blankets, bibs & burps that you could choose from, so it makes it extra special for me that you choose Z&V. It gave me a boost to get in gear and try to get some new funky designs going. So, after finishing up some Grandmother blankets, I'm excited to start working with some fab new minky print, good for a boy or a girl! I have a feeling it will probably skyrocket up to the most requested fabric I have. I cannot WAIT to share it with you! The title of this blog will give you a hint. Have a blessed weekend!! Thank you again for always being such loyal customers!

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