Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Wanna Be 'KATE'!

I HEART this heart travel blankee, burp & bib set! Made up completely of minky dot, the apple green mixes well with the leopard print and hot pink, and the touch of black just makes it stand out a little more than all those other blankee's do! Blankee's are priced starting at Silky backs are $32.00, minky backs are $40.00. The burpie is $10, bibs are $12.00. Any color combo can be made up with this simple, yet unique design! Check our our webpage at and become a Facebook fan too! We are currently offering a free travel blankee giveaway after we hit 300 fans! Tell all your friends!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Evyn" Crazy Patchwork Blanket

I will have to be honest. When my wonderful repeat customer picked this fabric, I WAS NOT crazy about it. I thought it would be bland, plain and besides my obligatory animal print, I was not happy about it. I told her I would do my best to make it beautiful though! Come to find out, it is IN MY TOP 5 favorite blankets of all times! The colors are vibrant and the crazy patchwork makes it one of a kind, as always with a Zudi & Vi Blankee! This is a 30x36 "Napper" blanket and is backed in beautiful chocolate brown minky. Thank you, Adrianne, for pushing me to do something out of my realm. I LOVE IT! (Hope Miss Evyn loves it too!) Email me to order, cost of blanket is $65.00, $7.00 to add a name.

Friday, January 29, 2010

As noted in a our "Mimi Blanket" post below, we LOVE our Mimi's, Nana's, Gigi's, Foo Foo's, etc! So, what better to celebrate the love of a Grandparent than our "I heart" burpie set? This set can be made up of ANY MINKY colors in stock, suitable for a boy or a girl! These are generously sized 11x18 and would make a perfect grandmother's gift at the baby shower! The set is $25 and the other coordinating burpie can have your sweetie's initial appliqued on. Email me at to order!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A special customer asked us to design a crib skirt and decorative crib blanket for her darling granddaugther's room for each grand kiddo! She told us to do whatever we pleased as long as it was girly, unique, pink, olive green & black. Although I love the blanket with the crown and tutu applique, we TOTALLY HEART the winged heart custom crib skirtwith the last name initial monogram in the middle. This is an all minky skirt that is extra long so when the bed is up high for the infant position, the bed skirt still reaches the floor. The possibilities are virtually endless. Send us an idea and we will get you a quote!! Happy Crib Bedding Hunting! It's a jungle of possibilities out there!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We ADORE doing minky applique blankets around here! The possibilities are just endless! Birdies are all the rage right now, and this blanket is sure to be an eye catcher as your sweetie clutches it while strolling in style! 30x35 size is $65.00, adding a name is $7.00. If you are a first time customer, mention "first time" in your order email for a free name applique. Enter our website at to see tons of other designs!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Tatem" Biggie Blanket

This is a classic blanket to please any little princess, as well as her Mommy! This super luxe blanket is made up of a gorgeous black, cream and deep hot pink print, mixed with zebra, black and silver minky. Let your sweetie be the most stylish kiddo in preschool with this cuddly blankee. This will take her all the way from toddlerhood all the way to cuddling up during those first phone calls with boys! ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Mimi Blankets"

Zudi & Vi has a new specialty! "Mimi Blankets", or Grandparent blankets. How many of you purchase Mommy or Grandmother jewelry for your Mom's or Mothers in law as gifts on special occasions? These blankets are the same idea! They are divine large minky blankets for every grandparent or Mommy (or Dad for that matter if we change the design) with their grandchildren's names on them! Get them for Mother's Day now!! Prices are $175.00 for a 43x58 all minky blanket with three names. Each additional name is $5.00. All names, designs are custom appliqued and made TO LAST!! Color and design choices are almost endless! This is just one example! Email me at for more information!! VISIT US AT WWW.ZUDIANDVI.COM

Monday, January 11, 2010

Email Problems - A great way to start the year! (NOT!)

I have to start my first blog of the 2010 with an apology. I may have potentially missed numerous emails since December 31st, 2009 because my email server did not do what the promised me they would do! If you have emailed me within that time frame, please email me again @ my new (and working!) addy. It is I have not been able to receive any emails via

We have lots of new fabrics and ideas ready for you to enjoy and hopefully we can share them soon - just as soon as this mess gets worked out! Please email me about our new "Mimi/Grandchildren" blankets. They are TO DIE FOR!

Thanks for your patience and happy new year!!