Friday, October 5, 2012

Holy Blanket! It's Batgirl!

This blanket is perfect for a girl who loves her some Superheroes! Sized generously at 42x57, it is perfect to grow with them all the way up to high school! The cityscape at the bottom is the perfect backdrop for the Batman and Catwoman (or Batgirl) love triangle! Your little Wonder Woman will be ready to fight crime when the Batsignal is thrown over her! Adding the catlike leopard border gives it just enough sass for your little snarky Catwoman!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hot Pink & Black Damask Print

First off, I just have to say is Palmer not the coolest little girl's name ever? It reminds me of a 80's/90's supermodel. Remember James King - the supermodel slash actress? I love her! I bet Palmer could totally be a future James King. Palmer's blanket is unique in the fact that the big is a minky patchwork with an added middle strip of the cotton damask front. I need to make this blanket again. It's simple and amazing and definitely fit for a baby work the runway!! Email me at to discuss your cool blanket creation!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's Mom's Turn!

Have you ever read those passages in books or blogs about a "Mom Minute"? My "Mom Minute" is when I kiss my kiddos goodnight, tuck them in and then go tuck myself in to my own big comfy blanket and read for a bit. This blanket was made for a special breast cancer survivor who is my hero. She is my daugther's life changer, a wonderful wife and an amazing mom and a boss speech therapist (as my son would say)! These Mom blankets are on special, marked down from $175 to $130 until the end of October. It's a sure fire way to show that special Mom or Grandmother how much you adore them. Wrap them in your love every night.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's A Girl Thing!

Most of my awesome customers adore these crazy patch blankets, and although they are tedious, I have to admit I love them too! The textures and colors are sure to keep baby's eyes and hands busy. This particular blanket mixes minky dot, fine cord and a smooth minky leopard applique. Some people think pink & brown are OVAH as far as the baby market goes. I, for one, though think you cannot get much more luxe and rich than these colors and designs. Backed in a chocolate brown minky dot, this blanket is sure to become baby's favorite, as well as your own! This 30x36 blanket is $65.00 with a name applique included. Email me at to discuss your next baby shower show stopping gift!