Friday, February 26, 2010

"Taylor's Butterfly" Biggie Blanket

One nice thing about Z&V blankees is even if you choose a design we have already made, it is NEVER going to turn out exactly like another one - so you are truly getting or giving a one of a kind gift (especially if you add a name!) This is the first butterfly we have made and when I look at it, it just makes me think of a child's growing process. We wrap them in a cocoon at birth and slowly peel away layers letting them be their own person, watching as they flourish into a unique, colorful, and one of a kind person. This biggie blanket is sized approx 40x44 and is $100.00 including personalization and free shipping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Candy Coated Blankees

What a simple but classic gift for twins! Our "Candy Coated" blankees match without matching! Any color combination is available and the personalization makes sure that each baby has something that he never has to share!! Travel security blankees are $32.00 and include an initial or name!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Coupons With Style

COUPONS WITH STYLE! I have found THE COOLEST coupon organizer if you are a frugalista (which really even though I always thought cutting coupons was a pain, I actually find I enjoy doing it because this organizer makes it so easy!) In addition, I'm a fabric snob, and these are the coolest fabric designs ever! Please ...make this like a "follow Friday" and go on over to Coupons With Style Facebook Fan Page and become a fan. You can also visit twitter and find them at @couponwithstyle. You can visit the website at to check out what it is all about! YOU WON'T BE SORRY! You can cut your grocery bill in half, leaving you more money to do more of the fun little things in life!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is a car seat blankee, anyway?

Many of my customers ask "What is a travel blankee, or a car seat blankee?" Well - here is a prime example and picture is worth 1000 words! They are little blankees that are just the right size for infant car seats. Then, we they are older, they are usually attached to them, so they are just the right size for little hands to drag around! Starting at $32.00 for a silky back and $40.00 for a minky back, with a name included, it is sure to be the hit of the shower!!! These GORGEOUS babies not included!

Monday, February 15, 2010

"A Little Valentine"

A little late Valentine's Day design for your sweetie! This should be a big hit with Mom's! This great heart & banner design can be personalized with any name but I especially like "Mom" for the boys and "Dad" for the girls! email to order!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Royal Blue" Napper Blanket

A few posts back I mentioned I was working with some great "Royalty" fabric. Here it is! This fabric is TO DIE FOR and will mix great with any color you can think of! I can also get it in pale pink & black and pale blue & black. I also love it mixed in with zebra print and black & white polka dot minky fabric. Order now to get it while it is fresh and new!!

"Ean" Crib Bedding -Complete Set

I gave a sneak peek of our "Ean" Modern Zoo crib bedding last week and I got the chance to take a few pics of it in the nursery! I just love this mod zoo print! You can mix and match so many things with it as well as adding the coordinating accessories from Babies R Us "Joshua" crib bedding to match it! I don't think I need to add anything else! The darling nursery speaks for itself!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Giveaway

Want a travel security blanket, approx 22x22 (personalized)?! Here is how to enter, comment on this post, join our Facebook Fan Page, follow us on twitter, and tweet this contest to your followers! Mention in your post what all you did and that will earn you multiple entries depending on what you do! We will hold a random draw on Valentine's Day at noon and announce the winner! GOOD LUCK!! (The picture shown is just an example, we can work with you to determine colors and styles for a boy or a girl!)

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Beckett" Biggie Blanket

How cool is this name? It looks so great in the type-set block letters as well! I know you have seen quite a few designs with this particular minky print fabric (and I have more coming) but I think this HAS to be my fave! Simple, yet hip! Perfect for a baby, but not babyish enough that he can't carry it when he is older! Blue & Brown is so popular right now, but this fabric strays away from the standard disco dot theme you see so much! We can get this print in pink as well!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Royalty Is All the Rage!

I had a rare experience last night at a little girl's birthday party where I actually got to see lots of sweet babies using Z&V products! (I was too busy chatting with everybody to take any pictures and I'm so upset!) Regardless, it made me realize how awesome my customers are and how blessed I am that you all keep coming back for more products! I know there are HUNDREDS of designer blankets, bibs & burps that you could choose from, so it makes it extra special for me that you choose Z&V. It gave me a boost to get in gear and try to get some new funky designs going. So, after finishing up some Grandmother blankets, I'm excited to start working with some fab new minky print, good for a boy or a girl! I have a feeling it will probably skyrocket up to the most requested fabric I have. I cannot WAIT to share it with you! The title of this blog will give you a hint. Have a blessed weekend!! Thank you again for always being such loyal customers!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Today Show Kid Reporter - At It Again!

As most of my long standing customers know, my son, Brodie, was a final four contender for NBC's Today Show Kid Reporter in October and November. His dream is to become a sports announcer, more pointedly, the "Voice of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys" He does a weekly sports report for his school, which he calls "Westwood Sportscenter" and has done some special guest things with Oklahoma State University Athletics. He has introduced T. Boone Pickens at his Town Hall Meeting in front of 5000 people, but if you talk to him face to face, you would never think this booming voice would come out of him when he gets pumped up in front of a crowd! He got very pumped for this particular report because he has been off a few weeks and one of his mentors, Dave Huniker was in the crowd! Thought I would share with you and hopefully give you a laugh! (although he is quite serious about his sports reporting!) You can check him out here and also all his other Today Show stuff on YouTube under the user UrbanKowboy. Have a fun Superbowl Weekend!

Facebook Fan Page Giveaway

I adore giveaways! They are fun, you connect with people and well, who doesn't like free stuff? I hold random giveaways from time to time for big blankets, burpees, bib's, Mimi Blankets, and this time it is for a security size Travel Blankee (approx 22x22) - PERSONALIZED!!! Head on over to our Facebook Fan page (link to the left) and become a fan. Once we hit 300 fans, the random draw giveaway will begin! I will be holding one on Twitter soon as well! Have a blessed weekend!

"Eva" A Blanket for Every Girl!

I don't know what little girl wouldn't love this beautiful all minky animal print "Napper" personalized blanket (30x36). It has it all! If you have more of a classic taste, the colors aren't too wild, accented with mint green and baby pink, but if you like your sweetie's accessories to stand out a little more, the huge square of animal print will surely do it! The feel of this leopard minky is just phenomenal! This blanket can also be changed up with more bold girl colors, or with beautiful baby blue minky for your favorite little tiger! Priced at $65.00 (including the name), it is an investment in an heirloom baby gift! email for ordering details!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Ean" Modern Zoo Crib Bedding Sneak Preview

This whimsical crib quilt was made for a very special baby who will be here soon! He is the first boy in a family of girls, so Mom wanted as much blue as possible! What better color to accent it than brown and lime green? This Alexander Henry 2D Zoo fabric can be accented with a variety of things! In this particular design we added in the Dandy Damask in green and brown, blue & brown giraffe print minky and Amy Butler polka dot fabric. Adding in chocolate brown & baby blue minky brings all the colors together! The weather is nasty around here, so I can't get a great picture inside, so the picture doesn't do the colors justice! We've made a coordinating crib skirt to go with this crazy patch quilt. Once it is in the room, we will post a full crib picture! After Mommy picked this print, Babies R Us ended up putting out a bedding set "Joshua" with the same zoo print, so you can add all the extra goodies to match if you like! (However, your crazy patch will be one of a kind!) We can never make one the exact same! Email us at for ordering details!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tiny Tags Giveaway From

I ADORE Mommy jewelry and Tiny Tags are TDF!!! Check out their site and this awesome giveaway at They also have a 20% off coupon - perfect for upcoming Mothers day!! and Tiny Tags both hae Facebook Fanpages - you can link to all of them via the giveaway! SPREAD THE WORD!
Forgive my posting - my Linky love isn't hooking up - check out the tinyurl to take you there!

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Finally, some boy designs! Seems like forever since I've had the chance to make any little boy blankets and they are SO MUCH FUN to make! You can go a little more crazy and out of the box with colors and designs when it comes to little dudes! Although these patterns are standard (robots, cars), the fabric these are on ARE NOT! Our "Robotman" Travel Silky (size 22x22) is made of super soft flannel with a retro robot print that takes you back to the 60's! Adding a silver name on the red minky makes it super eye catching! Our "Big Race" Napper Blanket (30x36) blanket has to be one of my favorites! The monza racing cars print is straight out of the 70's! It is perfect for any baby who is crusing around town with Dad!

Monday, February 1, 2010

One Little Monkey & Lime Dots Burpee

This is a custom order for Owen's first birthday. (We hope he loves it!) The monkey face minky applique is sure to be a point of interest for every child and this blanket would be just as cute with the center sqaure as pink, blue, orange or any other color! As always, adding a name just makes it that much more special!! Fashion burpees seem to be all the rage right now! This super-hip burpee is for the modern Mommy & baby, made up of a funky dotted print minky with a coordinating cotton print. Adding an initial makes sure no other Mommie's (or Daddy's) will swipe it at playgroup! ;)