Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zudi & Vi Presents "Crib Rock" Crazy Patch Blanket

I haven't posted in so long, life has been NUTS as well as blankets just pouring in - most of them duplicate orders that have been posted before so I haven't had any originals in awhile. THIS, however, will NEVER be duplicated and is a project close to my heart! I have been a HUGE fan of Crib Rock Tee Shirts. I have always tried to buy them as gifts because they are so unique and they are keepsakes! I kept all my kids Crib Rock Tee's to put in a keepsake clothing quilt later on in life. I was so blessed to be "found" by Tracy of HollywoodMomBlog.com (and designer of Crib Rock Clothing) and she ordered a custom "keepsake" crazy patch quilt of all her shirts! JACKPOT! My dream project! Two of my favorite things! (her clothes and designing rock star blankets!) Tracy was so kind to send enough shirts to make myself a Crib Rock blanket so I cannot wait to get started on it (although my daughter has already claimed it for herself!) I can only HOPE that Tracy appreciates this design because she is such a fab designer herself. I just let my heart run with it and tried to make it accent the shirts. I think it turned out great! I hope she does too! While cutting the shirt patches, I decided to unstitch and "upcycle" her Crib Rock tag next to my Z&V blankee tag for an extra touch. Please check out my FACEBOOK page at Zudi & Vi to see ALL the pictures!! Have some clothes you want to make a keepsake quilt out of? Email me at shelli130@sbcglobal.net to discuss! Follow Tracy on twitter @HollywoodMom and check out her blog at www.hollywoodmomblog.com!