Monday, January 25, 2010

"Mimi Blankets"

Zudi & Vi has a new specialty! "Mimi Blankets", or Grandparent blankets. How many of you purchase Mommy or Grandmother jewelry for your Mom's or Mothers in law as gifts on special occasions? These blankets are the same idea! They are divine large minky blankets for every grandparent or Mommy (or Dad for that matter if we change the design) with their grandchildren's names on them! Get them for Mother's Day now!! Prices are $175.00 for a 43x58 all minky blanket with three names. Each additional name is $5.00. All names, designs are custom appliqued and made TO LAST!! Color and design choices are almost endless! This is just one example! Email me at for more information!! VISIT US AT WWW.ZUDIANDVI.COM

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